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Marc Sargent was born on 25 May 1962 in Cardiff.

After a modest Comprehensive education, Marc primarily set

out following a lifelong family trait in Engineering. He began

his dream of becoming an Engineer, studying at Barry

College and furthering his education at Llandaff Technical

College to gain a diploma in TEC.

From an early age Marc had a feel for languages; home

Schooling was part of everyday life for Marc. His Mother

Eileen, with great diligence taught him all the literary skills

needed to help him throughout his early School years and

beyond, even to the point of teaching him a foreign language.

Marc resides happily with his wife Lisa and two Stepsons,

Nathan and Blake.

He also has three children, Michelle David and Joanne and

three adorable Grandchildren Mark Beth & Amelia …


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Life Death And Everything In-Between


With the pending birth of twins, their adventurous journey would soon fall short, to tragedy. Not only did James loose a passionate once-in-a-lifetime truelove Rose Young to childbirth. James with his wife Rose; lost their firstborn, a loss that would alter his journey through life, and reshape it forever. Now, in his twilight years James Hart lends a necessary hand towards his daughter’s troubled marriage. With Isabel and her husband John Mitchell away in the west-end of London, James finds himself left with his grandchildren, Jack and Issey a rambunctious five and eight year old. James Hart felt rejuvenated, bound by the unconditional love of his grandchildren; it is only now, surrounded by their love, that he has begun to grasp the true meaning of his life. Over time, James pondered over the decisions he made in life, and realised the path he chose was the right one. Nevertheless, there comes a time when you cannot hold on to the ones you love, even the loved ones that have journeyed beyond your reach.



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ISBN 9781446189962

Pages 283

BindingPerfect-bound PaperbackInterior InkBlack & white

Weight 0.28 kg Dimensions (centimetres) 10.8 wide x 17.48 tall

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